EN: #4.5 A small update on SQ, BlockFi and changing my broker

Hi investors. Before publishing the next issue of the newsletter I wanted to let you know as well, just like I did my patrons, that there are a few important changes:

  • First, we exited our investment in Square: You can find the reason in the next months’ issue or today on Patreon but in short, Square is very, very overvalued. If you’re copying the newsletter virtual portfolio you will want to do the same.
  • Second I personally reduced my Bitcoin allocation on BlockFi after reading up on news and details about lending platforms. Again, you can find out the details today on patreon or next month.
  • Third, I’m in the process of changing my broker to Interactive Brokers. It’s been a long time that I wanted to do this, and the details, you guessed it, can be found on patreon.

If you’re wondering I am not trying to convince you to subscribe to my Patreon page, although I won’t mind if you do as I finally have great content and updates for patrons. What I do want is to make sure that you don’t have to wait for a full month before you find out about changes that impact the performance of your portfolio. So if you are someone who follows the newsletter portfolio to the letter, you will want to sell all your Square shares and ensure your BlockFi allocation is under 20%.

My goal here is for the newsletter to be self-sufficient and not require any kind of payment. However it has become my daily job to study, update patrons and educate myself – so I have to find a way to monetize that. I believe I have found the compromise between making this newsletter completely free and monetizing my effort with more frequent updates on patreon. If you have any thoughts on this, please let me know!

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